Be a Sponsored 5K runner

​Being a sponsored runner is your opportunity to step up and make a huge impact. Our sponsored runners do so much to bring hope to Heather's Home Ministries by taking the time to invite others into the process. 

By raising $75 or more, your race fee will be waived! If you get excited about this, you'll see hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars come in!

How to Register as a Sponsored Runner:

  1. Complete and mail in your Registration Form by 7/10 to receive a free t-shirt.

  2. Download and print off the Sponsorship Tracking Form (checks can be made payable to Heather's Home 5K or donations may be made online).

    • Download a Heather's Home info sheet to share with the people you ask to sponsor you.​

  3. Collect $75+ in Sponsorships before 8/1.

  4. Bring your completed Sponsorship Tracking Form and money raised to the Registration Table between 7:30am and 8:15am on Race Day.

We look forward to seeing you at the 5K! 

Because we are volunteer-based, 100% of all proceeds from the HH5K are used to care for the Heather's Home kids. It pays for them to have a home, to eat good food, to have nice clothes, to go to school and get educated, and to have a family to look out for them. These are things most of them didn't have before they were rescued! Getting sponsored gives you a greater opportunity to help provide for these sweet kids.  

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