Be a Sponsored FUN runner

​If you are 12 or under, you can be even more of a super hero if you get your friends and family to sponsor you! Our sponsored runners help us provide even more for the children in Heather's Home. We hope you will be a sponsored runner!

By raising $30 or more, your race fee will be waived! If you get excited about this, you'll see hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars come in!

How to Register as a Sponsored Runner:

  1. Complete and mail in your Registration Form by 7/10, along with $15, if you want to receive a t-shirt. Registrations received after 7/10 will not be guaranteed a shirt.

  2. Download and print off the Sponsorship Tracking Form (checks can be made payable to Heather's Home 5K, donations may also be made online).

    • Download a Heather's Home info sheet to share with the people you ask to sponsor you.​

  3. Gather $30+ in Sponsorships before 8/1.

  4. Bring your completed Sponsorship Tracking Form and money raised to the Registration Table between 8:30am and 9:15am on Race Day.


We look forward to seeing you at the Fun Run!

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Heather's Home Ministries works with kids worldwide who don't have a mom or a dad to take care of them. Most of them are all alone in the world. We rescue them and give them a home. The money you raise for the Fun Run will help pay for these kids to have a place to live, to eat good food, to have nice clothes, to go to school and get educated, and to have a family to look out for them. Getting sponsored gives you a greater opportunity to help provide for these sweet kids.

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